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Does business under a number of names on ebay and other formats.He is a very good talker and will tell you how he has sold cars to all types of famous people.

He also is very "loose" with his desriptions of vehicles. He like to use the word "pristine" to describe cars that are not. I saw other negative reviews on the internet and questioned him about them? He of course claimed a entirely different story.

I was foolish and believed him. When I purchased my car we agreed on a closed car delivery. Once he got my money it was all over... He sent the high end car in a old open carrier where it was damaged and filthy on arrival.

He blamed the delivery company? But the delivery company told me it was damaged by the dealer. He also told me the car was "pristine" and the hood had 30-40 chemical stains all over it? Some beginning to eat through the paint.When I wrote a negative review on ebay, he finally called me back.

He tried to extort me to change my review by offering me money to fix the problem. I told him if he sent me the money to fix it I would update my review. He of course wanted me to change review first? That way he could go back to playing his game of not answering my calls and never sending me my money.

Please use this review as a experience that is true and accurate.Thank You.

Review about: Vehicle Purchase.



I did business with this company on ebay about a two months ago, and my car was perfectly described, their service was excellent, and they even included the shipping. I don't believe anything derogatory that has been said on here about Nick or his company.....DON'T LET THESE MEAN PEOPLES COMMENTS SCARE YOU AWAY!!!...NICK AND HIS EMPLOYEES ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, AND YOU CANNOT BEAT THEIR DEALS!! :)


I recently made a purchase of a Rolls Royce Corniche from Nick Anagnostopoulos in Florida, and was concerned after reading some of these comments on here, as it was an amount over $100,000.So for my own piece of mind, decided to have an independent inspection company do a thorough inspection of the car before I proceeded and funded it.

All I can say folks, is that the car was exactly as described, and the inspection company could not even fault it, as everything Nick and company told me all checked out. Well folks, it took three weeks to get her here, and I received my car four days ago without paying for the transport, as Nick included it in the deal, and only asked me to be a little patient. My smile has yet to leave my face, and my wife are absolutely tickled with our beautiful Rolls that we've wanted for years. We are so happy, that Nick is in for a surprise, as I just sent him a bottle of Dom and a gift card to Morton's Steakhouse for not only him and his wife, BUT his entire crew, as a simple thank you for the exemplary way he and the whole dealership handled my transaction.

So I guess my point being is this....that I simply cannot believe some of these things I've read on here, as it's IMPOSSIBLE that you are talking about the same man and company that I have just dealt with on a very large purchase sight unseen. Seems that a few of the other individuals that left an equally radiant comment about Nick as I have, knows what I cannot buy class, and Nick and his company are exactly that......"A CLASS ACT"....and I will, and am looking forward to gladly do business with him again in the future!!

If you do get a chance and read this Nick....I THANK YOU....MY WIFE THANKS YOU, AND "BON APETITE" TO YOU AND YOUR WHOLE CREW!!Sincerely, Walter Mitchell


I just had to take a moment, and comment on a recent purchase that I did on ebay with Nick and company.I just bought a classic Mercedes Benz from them, and flew in to pick it up.

They picked me up at the airport and brought me to their beuatiful showroom, where I did my paperwork and got my title in hand, and into my beautiful Benz and all that I can say is that my smile has yet to leave my face. I drove the car back to my home, which is completely on the other side of the country with absolutely no problems. The car was not only accurately described, but infact "better"!! The car performed perfectly, and the level of their professionalism was fantastic.

I would and WILL gladly purchase another car from Nick and his team, and only wish that more automotive people would conduct themselves as Nick did!! It sounds like a few of you on here, may be talking about a different individual, as my experience was SUPERB!!

Thank you!!:zzz


I don't normally do this, but after reading some of the ridiculous comments left on here about this man....I have to agree with a Mr.Gary Till's comment that you should all stop your whinning, and do something better with your lives.

I recently purchase an exotic Ferrari from Nick Anagnostopoulos and his crew in South Florida to the tune of $56K, and all I can say is that I'm beyond pleased with my purchase. The communication level along with the quality of customer service I received was absolutely superb. I hope Nick gets a chance to read these comments, as I would highly encourage hime to take legal action against you cry babies, and not stand for such slanderous comments. For any parties looking at conducting business with Nick or his crew....DO IT with CONFIDENCE and peace of mind, as I can only praise their business ethics and quality of service.

For the rest of you cry babies....own up and be adults!!Bob Williams :)


After reading the above comments, I got nervous about my upcoming purchase.So I hired an auto inspection service and guess what, the results were better than described.

I would suggest to the above commenters to do the same next time and stop the whinning! I highly recommend Nick Anagnostopoulos.

People need to own up for their own decisions when buying a used car or other merchandise.I got a great deal and a pristine classic car, 64 Gaalaxie 500 XL convertible.Wish there were more like Nick.


Dont anyone buy anything from this guy.Nick Anagnostopoulos.

I just had the ride of my life. Everything he said is misleading. None of his information is correct. He makes it a very hard to do transaction.

The vehicle I got was junk. He works under several dealer aliases and you cant verify anything. Im coming after him legally and put him out of business. He is on Ebay under directbymotorsports.

Ebay now has a case on him as well as the internet fraud division of the FBI for interstate fraud. The people whose license he deals under world automotive group license vi1011068-1 ?? is also under investigation by the DMV . He claims to be a partner with a James Oofstien for the dealer number above which also unverifiable .

There is no verifable address or website.This guy is a wholesale vulture.

to another ***ed ***sumer Bellevue, Ohio, United States #638968

I have now made my second purchase, from this dealer, & would have never made the second one if what some of you on here are stating.It always makes wonder when people post as "anonymous" how true their statement is, and if they actually ever really did business with this company!!

The word *** certainly is what comes to mind!! Anyone reading's a fact!!

I'm certainly buying from him/them again, enough said!!William


what is his ebay name? I have a transporter friend that just delivered a vehicle for him , that he sold on ebay, and once it was delivered, he stopped payment on the transporters check!

to bonnie owings Hialeah, Florida, United States #778891

I am seeing him for a scam he pulled on me,,call me at 7862298205 ,, I know where he lives,,I will give you his address


Thanks for the heads up. I could tell some of the info I was told seemed like it was not true. He changed his story when I asked him the same question?


I have had a bad experience...

The comment is accurate.

to Tim Callahan Hialeah, Florida, United States #778892

I will give anyone that wants his adress

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